Civil Works

It starts with understanding that NBN Pit & Pipe Design is more than just the one point we are building.

We understand that to ensure the integrity of your project, it must be constructed in line with best-practice industry standards, which are imperative to it’s compliance, as well as it’s longevity and reliability as part of the National Broadband Network.

40 years of experience and expertise in all areas of design, construction and compliance will ensure that your project will be completed by one of the industries most trusted providers.

Securitel Pty Ltd’s highly specialised NBN Pit & Pipe Construction teams are capable of handling your project from end to end.

We have worked with customers all over New South Wales delivering high quality, certified installations of Pit and Pipe infrastructure. We work in greenfield, brown field and low to high density sites.

Our teams are all fully trained, insured and are able to reliably complete your project within the given timeframes.

Securitel Pty Ltd have an experienced design team, so any onsite issues identified are quickly resolved within our team, not sent back to a third party, ensuring there are no delays even when there are unexpected changes arise.

Securitel Pty Ltd has extensive experience working on many facets of the communications sector including:
• Upgrade of large P6 – P8 pits
• Installation of conduit lead-ins for the NBN and required pit (P2-P5) upgrades.

To facilitate the installation of new conduit and pits Securitel Pty Ltd has the capability to complete: soft surface break out and reinstatement, concrete break out and reinstatement, bitumen break out and reinstatement and under drive way boring (Grundomat). Securitel Pty Ltd strives to install with minimal impact to the environment and the overall aesthetics of a property.