Home automation

Home Automation is more than just lighting, we have the ability to operate devices such as motorised blinds, air conditioning, pool and spa pumps, security systems, audiovisual control, multi room sound and key less entry… just to name a few.

Enhance your lifestyle by combining today’s modern technology with the benefits of Integrated Home Control. The system can be individually programmed to suit your home and lifestyle, further enhancing the level of comfort and convenience in your home.

Designed so that your whole family can operate it, you can control your system from an extensive range of touch-screens, remote controls, smartphones, tablets and switches that blend in with your home and complement your décor.

Whether you are outside, away from or around your home, our systems give you complete control at your fingertips.

In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, our home automations systems can help reduce your power consumption through live energy monitoring and efficiencies built into the system, turning off lights, TV’s and other appliances when they are not in use or when you arm your security system. We can even activate your blinds to close at the hottest part of the day to allow your air conditioner to work much more effectively.

We also build in safety features like turning on lights when your smoke alarm is activated, assisting in alerting occupants and ensuring everyone can evacuate safely, should it be required to do so.

Elements such as lighting, audiovisual systems, blinds and air conditioning can be programmed to work in unison at the touch of a button. Referred to as a “scene” or “mode”, this function allows a specific mood or atmosphere to be created quickly and easily.

To archive all this we work with you during the design phase, to determine the products and features of all systems that will add the most value to your lifestyle. Once installed, we the integrate your systems to operate as one, which is the most important detail in determining how the system will work and deliver your expectations.